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COVID 19- What should you do now

***Edit- As of 3/15, in accordance with CDC recommendation, we are recommending that ALL weddings in March and April postpone.***

As fear of the Coronavirus is hitting Texas, we want you to know we are here for you for all the stresses of wedding planning. This should be one of the happiest times of your life, and we want to help make sure it stays that way.   If your wedding is in the next couple of weeks:

-Expect a lower guest count - We recommend sending out guest communication letting them know they can cancel and it wont hurt your feelings.  Give them an opportunity to change their RSVP

-Check with your cater (and contract) to see the last date you have to adjust food counts 

-If you have any tables to remove fr

om the floor plan, ask the florist to use those centerpieces in other areas such as the bar, welcome table, etc.  

If your wedding is in the next couple of months:

-Purchase wedding insurance if you haven't already and are still able to do so.

-Keep on planning on - We don't work for the CDC, but until we know exactly how the area will be affected, it's best to keep moving forward.  

-Expect a lower guest count

-Check your catering and bar contract- do you have a minimum headcount you have to maintain? If so, and you have a lot of out of town guests, we recommend emailing them to see what your options are.  Ask if  they will allow you to lower count and increase appetizers, upgrade menu selections, etc so you still get your monies worth.    

-Check your catering, bar, floral and rental contracts to see when the final cut off is for changes. 

-Take a deep breath! As stressful as all of this seems, you're getting married!  

Worst Case Scenarios- Cancelling or Delaying your Wedding

If you chose to or have to delay:

-Check with your venue(s) to see if you can move the date without penalty and email to see date options Check all other vendor contracts to see if you can move the date without penalty

-We recommend looking into Summer (July, August and September) as this is the "off season" for wedding professionals so you'll have more flexibility with most vendors.  

If you choose to cancel (we do NOT recommend):

-You'll likely lose any deposits you paid and may be legally liable for any remaining payments due Let all of your vendors know ASAP ​

When approaching your vendors please keep in mind that while this is a scary and uncertain time for you and your family, it is also a scary time or your vendors,  their staff, and and their families.  The entire industry is attempting to manage cancellations and changes so if your vendor is unable to accommodate your request please understand where they are coming from as well.

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