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Questions to ask Venues

Selecting a venue can be a tricky process. So many to choose from! Where do you even begin? Don't worry we did a whole post on "How to choose the perfect venue", you can find that here 'Insert venue post". In addition, we have compiled a list of questions for you to research and/or ask before and during a venue tour! Print this out and take it with you. You can thank us later. :) Happy Planning!

1. Days available and their price? Off season discounts?

2. What is the rental time for the day of event?

3. What does the rental fee include? What inventory (tables, chairs, etc) do we have access to?

4. What is excluded from rental fee? Security Deposit? Cleaning fee?

5. What needs to be cleaned/removed at the end of the night?

6. How much setting up does venue do? Do we need to set up chairs ourselves?

7. How does bartending work at the venue?

8. How do the payments work?

9. How many other events booked on our day?

10. Do you provide and lines or décor?

11. Are there any vendor restrictions?

12. Policy on alcohol? Can we bring our own when we are getting ready?

13. Max guest capacity for ceremony and reception?

14. What staff is on site the day of my wedding?

15. Parking for guests?

16. How many restrooms are there? Where are they? Does the venue service the restrooms and trash during the event? How often?

17. Are there bridal and groom ready rooms? What are the accommodations in each suite? Can the suites be locked to secure personal items when not in use? What time do we have access?

18. Plans for day of event in case of bad weather?

19. Media accommodations built in?

20. Anything we’re seeing today cost extra?

21. When would rehearsal be??

22. Any overnight accommodations nearby?

23. Do you allow open flame candles?

24. Is there a contract signed to guarantee my date and all policies?

25. Can we use real or fake flowers anywhere we want? Can we use loose flower petals?

26. Do you prepare the floor plan or are we responsible for that?

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