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Saying "I Do" With Only Two

You're planning to elope but feel the stress of planning every intimate detail. Here is how hiring a Houston wedding planner can make your elopement a true celebration!

Choose a meaningful location

When it comes to choosing a place to elope, consider a location that will hold meaning for you two for years to come. Believe it or not, you don't have to travel far to find beautiful gems in Texas. Hiking trails, murals, and historic landmarks are just a few options to consider when choosing the right elopement location for you and your partner.

Find the right photographer

Once your location is settled upon, finding the right photographer is essential. If you're planning to elope outdoors, choosing a photographer that specializes in natural light will capture the beauty of your ceremony. Be sure to do your research and flip through different photographers' portfolios to find the right choice for your elopement.

Set the scene

Just because you've planned an intimate ceremony does not mean you should forfeit creating a special setting to celebrate! Backdrops and table settings offer a touch of personality and story to your elopement ceremony. Your wedding planner can help to accentuate the scenery of your elopement.

Sit back and relax

Let's be honest, the best perk of hiring a wedding planner for your elopement is that you get to sit back and relax! Rather than focusing on what to do next, you can soak in the joy of celebrating with the one you love. It can be assumed that planning something so small and intimate doesn't require much planning and preparation, but you might be surprised!

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