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What To Wear - Wedding Guest Edition

Deciding what to wear for any special occasion can be a cause for panic. Especially when it comes to dressing up for a wedding. How do you know what to wear? What are the rules?

We’ve put together these helpful guidelines to make sure you nail the look!

Decoding the mystery behind what to wear!

  • Let the venue be your guide! Is it a ballroom? A beach? Or a barn? If it’s a beachside affair, wearing a ballgown or a suit with tails is probably not the best idea.

  • ·Timing is everything! Most casual weddings take place in the daytime, whereas a more formal event will take place at night.

  • ·When in doubt – ask! If the invitation says it’s a nighttime beach wedding, and you’re still not sure on the dress code, just ask the bride and groom!

Dos & Don’ts

  • Don’t be TOO casual. No matter how relaxed the theme of the wedding is, you want to avoid wearing flip flops, jeans, shorts, or yoga pants.

  • ·Don’t wear clothing that’s TOO revealing. Weddings are family-oriented events, even if it’s adult only. You want to avoid possibly offending the bride or grooms 80-year-old nan. A touch of sophisticated sexy is great for cocktail and formal type events. A modest slit, or slight low back is perfect!

  • ·Don’t match the wedding party. Make sure you keep in mind the overall color scheme when you’re planning your outfit. If the bridal party is wearing light blue to match the beach theme, you don’t want to do the same!

  • · Don’t wear white. Or any shade of white. The bride is the star here, so you don’t want to do anything that will take away from all eyes being on her. So unless specifically specified it’s okay, just don’t do it!

  • · Do wear layers. Even living in Texas, the weather can change in a moment. Even if the event is outside, it’s a good idea to bring a cute jacket just in case. Or if it’s an indoor ceremony, some buildings can get pretty chilly!

  • · Do wear comfortable shoes. Even if you’re wearing killer heels, bring an extra pair of comfy shoes you can dance in once those start to kill your toes!

  • · Do choose bold accessories. Little details like this ensure you look and feel super chic!

  • · Do pamper yourself before the wedding. Get your nails done, or a blow out! Even though the spotlight isn’t on you, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to look and feel your best!

Fancy, Schmancy and Formal

  • Casual:- Casual weddings tend to be outdoorsy, like a beach or a farmhouse. Ladies, a nice summer dress with a cute pair of wedges or flats and a nice cardigan would be perfect for this type of event. Guys, a nice button up or collared shirt, some khakis and dress shoes are the best option. You could even wear a nice blazer or dress it up with a tie if you’d like.

  • ·Semi-Formal – Also known as dressy casual! If this is being held in the afternoon bright colors or pastels would be a great option. Darker colors for evening weddings. You should wear maxi length dresses or a trendy jumpsuit with bold accessories (depending on the time of day). For gentlemen, a nice dress shirt with slacks, and a tie, depending on the timing of the wedding.

  • Cocktail – Elegant and comfortable! This is a popular dress code option for many weddings. It’s a classic and polished look. Ladies, your dresses should be at or right above/below the knee. Not overly embellished but still formal. Elegant separates are also appropriate. For an afternoon cocktail event, bold and bright colors are appropriate. Evening weddings, again, will be darker colors. For our wonderful gentlemen, a suit is the required dress code for these types of events. A nice charcoal or navy suit would be great for either afternoon or evening depending on the color shirt you wear.

  • ·Formal – While a floor length gown and tuxedo are not required, they are absolutely appropriate. Formal weddings tend to take place in the evening, so dark, bold colors are what you’re looking for. There’s no need to be afraid to deviate slightly from tradition. A dressy pantsuit and fancy cocktail dress are perfect for these types of events. Gents, just like JT, as long as you’ve got your (dark) suit and tie everything will be alright! You can also opt in for a tux if you’d like. ·

  • Black Tie – We are getting fancy y’all! Unless otherwise specified, black tie weddings will always be an evening event. Ladies should wear floor length dresses, while men are required to wear a tuxedo.

  • ·White Tie – This is as fancy as we are gunna get! These aren’t very common, although after watching Bridgerton, they might make a comeback! The required dress code for ladies, is a floor length evening gown. This is quite literally like a ball! Men are required to wear a tuxedo with tails, white vest, and bow tie, and white gloves, paired with formal shoes!

  • Themed – Check that invitation! If the couple is throwing a Gatsby style wedding, or luau beach party make sure that you dress accordingly. And even though a little party never hurt nobody, like Fergie said, it’s still a good idea to err on the side of caution and ask the bride and groom if what you’re thinking is appropriate for what they have in mind!

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